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So, it has come to this...

Manually Remove IE10

If IE 10 isn’t listed under Updates in Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs) you can still manually remove IE10 by running the following command in an Elevated Command Prompt.

FORFILES /P %WINDIR%\servicing\Packages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*10.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /norestart"

Backup ASA Config Over VPN Connection

Sometimes it is necessary to get a backup of a remote ASA. To accomplish the remote backup I generally run a TFTP server on the PC I use to login to the ASA. The key to the backup is to tell the ASA to send the data on the inside interface. The command below will copy the startup config to a remote TFTP server.

copy /noconfirm startup-config tftp://<TFTP-SERVER>/Config.txt;int=inside

Enable Exchange 2003 VSS Writer

All of the 3rd party backup tools that I know and use require the Exchange VSS Writer to be enabled for a successful backup. If you are using Windows Backup you will want to leave the writer disabled otherwise your current backups will break.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Disable Exchange Writer"=dword:00000000

Deploy Octopress to Microsoft Azure

Previously I covered how to build a webserver on Amazon EC2 which would be a simple rsync push to deploy Octopress to. Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform does have a free website tier with git support. Octopress is really setup to deploy to GitHub pages which is an excellent service and is covered in detail at the Octopress website. This post is mainly geared towards current Octopress users moving from github to Azure, if you are new and want to host on Azure I’d recommend checking out Erv Walter’s post.

HP LaserJet 600 Error Code 49.38.07

The 600 series LaserJets have a small SSD in the formatter cage. Unfortunately when the problem arose I wasn’t able to obtain the service manual to look up the exact meaning of the error code but I found re-formatting the SSD and re-installing the firmware to be the fix. Before beginning the process you will want to download the latest firmware for your 600 series printer at and place it on a flash drive.

Create Your Own Bootable System Recovery Disk - Part 4

Adding Other Items To The Boot Menu

So far we’ve added our WinPE3 to our boot menu now it is time to start adding other items to make the disk useful.

Floppy Disk Image

WinImage referenced under downloads in part one and is a very helpful tool when it comes to making images from floppy disks and modifying existing .img and .ima files. Here is an example menu entry to boot a floppy image.

Create Your Own Bootable System Recovery Disk - Part 3

Wrapping it up with Isolinux

Isolinux is a linux boot loader that created an El Torito compatible bootable CD-ROM and is what we will be using to create out multi-boot CD. The full ISO/SYS/PXE/EXT LINUX documentation can be found here. First extract in the downloads directory. Next create the following directories and copy the files below.

Create Your Own Bootable System Recovery Disk - Part 2

Windows PE

I will not be going into great detail here since the WinBuilder framework is very simple and there are so many custom scripts out there to add to your project. I would suggest building a vanilla PE from the Win7PE SE tools and customize from there to get a good feel of what’s already included. Here are three great links for help and additional scripts to integrate apps and drivers to your custom PE:, The CD Forum, and MSFN Forums. To begin extract the contents of inside your downloads folder and run Win7PESE80_Builder.exe. You will also want to either burn a copy of the Windows 7 install disk or extract to it inside your downloads folder using IsoBuster.

Create Your Own Bootable System Recovery Disk - Part 1

So you’ve used HBCD, UBCD, or a similar boot disk to aid in the PC repair process but you’d like to add your own tools or customizations. In this post I will outline the steps to create your very own system recovery disk.

First things first we are going to download all the tools required to build such a disk as well as create a basic folder structure for the project: